Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dragonstalker Look-a-like Remastered!

Dragonstalker look-a-like, introducing Boris!
So I got a little bored on a cold, wet, Sunday afternoon and decided to mess around on Premiere Pro, what happened next was spectacular. I had created a masterpiece!

Introducing Boris, my undead hunter model from one of the more popular viewed posts, staring in his first modelling video.

Dream Wing Helm - (Shadowlabs Herioc, Ambassador Hellmaw)
Wyrmfury Pauldrons - (Old Hillsbrad Herioc, Epoch Hunter)
Shard Encrusted Breastplate - (Mana Tombs Herioc, Tavarok)
Hungarhide Gauntlets - (Underbog Herioc, Hungarfen)
Archery Belt of the Broken - (Slave Pens Herioc, Mennu)
Sky-Hunter Swift Boots - (Sethekk Halls Normal/Herioc, Darkweaver Syth)
Emerald-Scale Greaves - (Old Hillsbrad Herioc, Captin Skarloc)
Emerald Eye Bracer - (Blood Furnace Herioc, Keli'dan the Breaker)

Boris would like to thank all his fans for their support.