About The Site

About The Site

Warcraft Wardrobe is a little blog that I created just to show off some nice ideas to transmog gear into when patch 4.3 (hopefully) hits and we can all change how we look.

I got very excited when hearing about the Transmogificator. I never made it to 60 in time to raid in Vanilla so I missed out on running around in the Dragonstalker set and looking all bright and awesome, but this will now change!! Throughout the years I have kept a lot of random loot which I am now happy I can use again.

I apologise in advance about the random green drops that some of these designs use, for example a lot of the city guard outfits are drops that might be on the auction house or may be needed to farm for. However I am not added quest items into any of the transmog ideas as they will just make things complicated.


Wowhead 3D Model Viewer/Item Comparison Tool
Mog It
Wowpedia Set Look ALikes

...And if anyone is interested...

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