Monday, 24 October 2011

Dress Up Box - Little Red Riding Hood

Whilst on a quest to the deepest depths of Karazhan on the search for sparkly goods, a bright light appeared before me, beaming down on top of me. I could hear a crowd cheering and applauding. As I turned around, a large curtain rose from the wooden platform I seemed to be stood on... and there was grandma.

Inspiration hit me, as well as the claws of the Big Bad Wolf.

Felcloth Hood
Kurkenstoks(Alliance only :( but plenty of other toe-less cloth boots do exist.)
Robe of Evocation
Red Linen Shirt
Aboriginal Sash
Reinforced Woolen Shoulders
Infernoweave Gloves
Eerie Stable Lantern
Red Riding Hood's Cloak