Monday, 31 October 2011

4.3 PTR

Finally after a few weeks of disconnecting every time I logged onto the PTR, I got the problem sorted, so now I can check out the transmogging stuff.

I think that transmogging has a fair price on the PTR, the above image shows a 261g cost on something that is not even a full set, but as it goes in Warcraft at the moment it is not too hard to earn some cash.

There is a problem with the level 60 pvp gear at the moment, I was unable to use it for transmogrifying, apparently this is a bug and nothing to worry about (I hope.)

I'm also quite excited to see the new Darkmoon Faire Island which is not open yet, maybe it will open this weekend when the actual Darkmoon Faire starts. It will be nice to see what unobtainable gear you will be able to pick up there.

Been wondering around the PTR for a little while now, just taking some screenshots of stuff that people may find interesting, and some nice looking characters that I have come across. Enjoy.

That is me done for the night, will add more info and pictures later. :)