Thursday, 18 August 2011

Scarlet for Plate

The Scarlet Crusade have an item set (Chain of the Scarlet Crusade) that drops in the Scarlet Monastery, however these items are mail and due to the restrictions of transmogrification can not be used by plate wearers.

The Scarlet Tabard is the most important part of this, and can be looted off the Scarlet Trainees which appear after Herod is killed in the Armory, however it has a low drop rate so a little bit of farming may be in order.

Ragesteel Helm
Darksoul Shoulders
Ragesteel Shoulders
Darksoul Breastplate
Khorium Belt
Ragesteel Gloves
Darksoul Leggings
Khorium Boots
Aegis of the Scarlet Commander
Ironspine's Fist