Thursday, 12 June 2014

Engineering Cloth Transmog

So if your little clothie, be it a ice cool mage, a summoner of demons or a lord of light also happens to enjoy a spot of light tinkering then this may be the transmog set for you.
No more worrying about oil spots on your fine silk robes, or shocks from just inserting that metal wire just too far into the socket. Enjoy your blue overalls!

Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades -Crafted Engineering
Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders - Crafted Tailoring
Blue Overalls - Crafted Tailoring
Blue Lumberjack Shirt - Crafted Tailoring
Brightspark Gloves - Tsu'zee Dire Maul
Nigh-Invulnerability Belt - Crafted Engineering
Mooncloth Boots - Crafted Tailoring
Peacekeeper Blade - Trial of the Champion heroic
Supplicant's Rod - (Burning Crusade) BoE world drop

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Female Dwarf Paladin, now in gold! (again)

Now I don't really like female dwarfs, they just look ...ugly (no offense  to any female dwarfs out there) so I set myself the challenge to try and make one look alright. I saw some sights that I never want to lay my eyes upon again.


 I am satisfied with this completed little set, it contains a lot of gold plate, including a few pieces of the Lawbringer set  (well you can't make a Paladin without gold!)

Lightbringer Faceguard - Tier 6 Head
Lawbringer Spaulders - Baron Geddon (Molten Core)
Thoriumweave Cloak - Mechano-Lord Capacitus (The Mechanar)
Phantom Armor -  Lord Waldon (Shadowfang Keep)
Lawbringer Gauntlets - Gehennes (Molten Core)
Conqueror's Girdle - Auction House, Random BC green
Lawbringer Legplates - Magmadar (Molten Core)
Hammer of the Penitent - Mechano-Lord Capacitus (The Mechanar)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Blood Elf Monk Adaption

A little adaption to my original Blood Elf Monk (and also quite nice for Blood Elf Rogues) transmog set, I found some funkier looking shoulders and some different weapons as I do not always have fist weapons equip. I tried to look for a different helm, but I still think Cursed Vision is awesome.

Cursed Vision of Sargeras - Black Temple (Illidan)
Shoulderpads of Vehemence - Sunwell Plateau (Lady Sacrolash)
Silvermoon Tunic - Fenissa the Assassin (Rare Spawn, Bloodmyst Isle)
Bonechewer Spikegloves - Level 58 - 62 Hellfire drop, or Auction House.
Blastguard Belt - 350 Leatherworking
Blastguard Pants - 350 Leatherworking or Ghostclaw Leggings - Dar'khan's Lieutenants quest (Ghostlands)
Blastguard Boots - 350 Leatherworking
Blade of Savagery - Black Temple (Mother Shahraz)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cataclysm Combos - Worgan and Goblin Tier 1 Warlock

One of my favourite looking Warlock sets, and also one of the easier ones to obtain is the Felheart Raiment which drops from Molten Core. Anyone can solo Molten Core these days, personally I feel sorry for the bosses, getting beaten to oblivion on a daily basis. Someone just put them out of their misery!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pandaren Priest

 It hit me that I have yet to do any transmog sets for the noble Pandaren (because I have been slacking a lot) so here is my first, with many more to come!

Heroes' Crown of Faith - Tier token, Kel'thuzad Naxxramas
Heroe's Mantle of Faith - Tier token, Gluth or Loatheb Naxxramas
Mord'rethar Robes - Devourer of Souls, Forge of Souls
The Hands of Gilly - Valor Quartermasters in Stormwind and Orgrimmar
Vestal's Irrepressible Girdle - Valor Quartermasters in Stormwind and Orgrimmar

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Dragonstalker Look-a-like Remastered!

Dragonstalker look-a-like, introducing Boris!
So I got a little bored on a cold, wet, Sunday afternoon and decided to mess around on Premiere Pro, what happened next was spectacular. I had created a masterpiece!

Introducing Boris, my undead hunter model from one of the more popular viewed posts, staring in his first modelling video.

Dream Wing Helm - (Shadowlabs Herioc, Ambassador Hellmaw)
Wyrmfury Pauldrons - (Old Hillsbrad Herioc, Epoch Hunter)
Shard Encrusted Breastplate - (Mana Tombs Herioc, Tavarok)
Hungarhide Gauntlets - (Underbog Herioc, Hungarfen)
Archery Belt of the Broken - (Slave Pens Herioc, Mennu)
Sky-Hunter Swift Boots - (Sethekk Halls Normal/Herioc, Darkweaver Syth)
Emerald-Scale Greaves - (Old Hillsbrad Herioc, Captin Skarloc)
Emerald Eye Bracer - (Blood Furnace Herioc, Keli'dan the Breaker)

Boris would like to thank all his fans for their support.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Kor'kron Dark Shaman

The Kor'kron Dark Shaman set is a very unique and awesome looking bunch of gear. The set is contained in the Kor'Kron Shaman's Treasure. It can only be looted by Shamans and you have a chance to obtain it from the Dark Shamans in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid (flex, normal and heroic only.)